Explore the depth and breadth of an art form intrinsic to cultural expression across centuries and continents. AMPD’s Music program offers a remarkably flexible curriculum, allowing students to pursue creative and scholarly work across a wide range of musical genres and traditions, tailored to their unique talents and aspirations.

MUSIC (BFA Honours)

York’s Music program is known for pioneering post-secondary studies in jazz, world, classical and digital music. Students may specialize or generalize according to their interests, developing expertise in a particular area of vocal or instrumental performance or composition, or working in a variety of musical practices and cultural forms. Options include solo, small and large ensemble performance; composition and arranging; education and community arts development; ethnomusicology; and the growing field of music media production for cinema, gaming and motion media.

Performance Opportunities – Presenting over 100 concerts each year, as well as master classes with renowned Canadian and international artists, the Music program offers constant opportunities to perform, collaborate, experience and engage.

MUSIC (BA Honours)

All first-year Music students enter the BFA program. After first year, students whose interests centre on music history, criticism and scholarly research may choose to move into the BA program.


Admission to the Music (BFA Honours) program is based both on academic performance and artistic merit. Academic admissibility is assessed by York University, while artistic merit is evaluated by the Department of Music. Therefore, the application to the Music program is a two-step process.

Applications to this program are accepted for Fall (September), Winter (January) and Summer (May) entry.

You may apply to more than one AMPD program; however you must apply separately to each one.

Step 1: Apply to York University

You can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application.

Academic Requirements

Application Deadlines

Current York University students interested in transferring to the program should contact the Department of Music directly at to apply.

Step 2: Complete the Audition Questionnaire

In addition to applying for admission to York through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application, applicants to the Music program must complete an Audition Questionnaire.

Once you have applied to the program you will receive an email that will include your reference ID and directions for completing the audition questionnaire. This email will be sent approximately 5-10 business days after you submit your application. If you are applying to more than one AMPD program, you must complete a separate Audition/Interview/Portfolio Review for each one.

Music Audition Questionnaire

The questionnaire and audition are intended to help us learn about your academic and artistic background, interests and goals as they relate to our Music program.

A $60 CAD evaluation fee is required to submit your questionnaire. You will then be able to proceed with the audition.

Your music audition will be a 20 minute session where you will play 2 contrasting pieces on your instrument. Students who are auditioning with voice will require an accompanist. Please see the sidebar for a list of recommendations if you do not have your own.

You may be asked to sight-read and your ear training will be briefly evaluated. Be prepared to recognize and name basic intervals, scales, and triads played on the piano by the examiner and/or to sing pitches, intervals, or scales.

You may also be asked to perform additional exercises if the adjudicator requires further information to make a complete assessment of your abilities and potential.

After you have completed this portion of the audition you will be given an hour to complete a theory test. Download sample Theory Evaluation (PDF).

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What's Next?

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