Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Am I on track to graduate? How do I make an Advising Appointment?Would you like help evaluating your degree progress report? The Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS) is your destination for undergraduate advising with personalized guidance around your degree requirements as well as resources, workshops and information to support you throughout your degree. To book an advising or petition advising appointment, please visit OAISS at 322 CFA or call (416) 736-5135 between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please make sure you speak directly with the receptionist to book your appointment. OAISS is unable to book appointment requests left in voicemail.
Are there online auditions?You have the option to send the performance portion of your audition online, and you will be asked to book a virtual (zoom) interview. The fully online audition process is reserved for those who have problems with Internet stability or who are in a time zone that makes it impossible to arrange a live zoom-based audition. If this is necessary, please complete our online questionnaire and submit videos of your performance of the two required contrasting pieces. Have questions about the supplementary evaluation for this program? Ask us at
Can I skip Music levels and take private lessons without the prerequisites?Students must ask area coordinators for permission to do so.
Do I have to take private lessons on campus or can I take lessons with an instructor I wish, outside of campus, to fulfill that requirement?Only private lessons taken from the Department of Music at York can fulfill private lesson requirements.
Do I need to audition if I want to take music as a minor?Yes, you must audition.
Do I need to audition if I’m doing a program change into Music?Yes, you must audition.
Does the Department of Music provide students with instruments?No, we do not. Other than pianos and drums that can be used in the practice rooms, students must bring in their own instruments.
How do I add a course that is restricted or reserved?Undergraduate students can request enrolment into a course that requires departmental permission by completing the MachForm at  This form may be used up until  the last date to add a course without permission (refer to under Add/Drop Deadlines to find the dates for the current academic term).  After such time, students need permission of the instructor to add a course. AMPD Departments handle these permissions differently and it is best to ask the Department for advice or to get copies of the required paperwork (if by voicemail or email, always include your full name, student number, the course code and instructors name)
How do I apply for Music?
How do I book my audition?Once you have applied to a program that requires an audition/interview/portfolio review, you will be emailed details about accessing the website. On the website, you will complete a questionnaire, pay a $60 evaluation fee, and be able to book your on-campus evaluation appointment or submit your materials online.
How do I get in touch with my Professor?You can find your professor’s email address by looking them up in the York Atlas or your course syllabus. You can also contact your professor to find out what their office hours are to talk in person.
How long are the Music auditions?About 30 Minutes
How long before my audition should I check in?We recommend that you check into Zoom 15 minutes before your audition. You’ll be placed in a waiting room.
How should I prepare for an audition in Digital/Electronic Music?Please submit your examples online before your interview. You should prepare two examples. If your files are large, please provide links. If you send a performance, submit the audio/video as indicated on the online form.
I am a York Student, how do I change my major or minor?If you are currently enrolled and registered as an undergraduate student and wish to request a transfer to a different academic program/degree, please review the information at: and submit your program change request via the following link: A number of AMPD programs require an audition/interview/portfolio review before you can be admitted. When you submit your program change request, you should also contact the Department office (if by voicemail or email, always include your full name, student number, the course code, and instructors name) Cinema & Media Arts (Film) CFT 221 or 416-736-5149 or Computational Arts (Digital Media) GCFA 232 or 416-736-5187 or Dance ACE 301 or 416-736-5137 or Music ACE 371 or 416-736-5186 or Theatre CFT 322 or 416-736-5172 or Visual Art & Art History GCFA 235 or 416-736-5187 or   Please note: Design is unable to accommodate Internal York Transfer students for 2019/20 and 2020/21.
I have completed previous education, will I receive transfer credits?Students who have completed previous college, university or IB credits could be eligible for transfer credits. After you apply, your transcripts will be evaluated and you will be notified of your transfer credits with your offer of admission. More information is available here:
If I audition for the jazz program what kind of accompaniment do I bring?We encourage you to bring an accompanist if you wish to do so but please do not use drums as part of your accompaniment for the audition. Please refer to the following “instrument – specific” accompaniment guidelines: Jazz vocalists should be accompanied by piano or guitar. Jazz guitarists and pianists may perform solo or be accompanied by bass. Jazz wind or string players may perform solo or be accompanied by piano or guitar and/or bass.Jazz bassists may perform solo or be accompanied by piano or guitar. Jazz drummers should perform solo, without accompaniment.
If I have taken a conservatory theory test do I still need to write the theory evaluation?Please provide certification of your theory test.
Is there a focused stream in the music degree that I can take and graduate with?Students can choose to focus on composition, jazz, classical, or world music. However, the degree they graduate with will be a BA or BFA in Music.
Is there a minimum piano proficiency requirement for all Music applicants?There is not. However, all of your musical training will be taken into consideration when assessing your application.
I’m a student at York but not a music major. May I use the practice rooms?No, practice rooms are for music majors only, for liability issues.
May I use a recorded accompaniment for my Music audition?Yes. Here is a list of recommended accompanists for hire.
What are the Music studies/studio courses that I can take?Refer to online Undergraduate Programme Guide found at:
What do I do if I want to audition for Music on two different instruments?You may only audition on a single instrument but be sure to include information regarding your skills and training on a second instrument on your supplemental application.
What does guaranteed consideration mean? Can I apply or complete my audition/interview/portfolio review after the deadline?Anyone who completes their application before the deadlines listed for their application cycle will have their application reviewed. Applications may be accepted after the guaranteed consideration deadline on a first come first served basis until the program is full.
What grade level should my Music audition selections be?Where appropriate, your selections should be at approximately a R.C.M. grade eight level or higher. It is more important that you display your abilities in their best light.
What happens after I apply to Music?Music applicants are admitted based on GPA and audition.  Once you have applied you will be invited to complete a questionnaire and book your on-campus audition.  The day will comprise of a 10-minute audition with faculty and a one-hour theory test. If you live more than 300 km away and are unable to come, you can submit your audition online.  To check the requirements please visit
What happens at the music zoom interview/audition?Your zoom audition will take 15 to 20-minutes and will generally include: – A performance of your two contrasting pieces (if you choose option 2) – A discussion of your musical knowledge as well as your goals and aspirations – An assessment of theory and musicianship by identifying intervals, scales and chord types, and you may be asked to sing pitches, intervals or scales – Sight reading and additional exercises if further information is needed to make a complete assessment of your abilities and potential Helpful information regarding choosing appropriate repertoire for your specific audition type may be found in our Audition FAQs.
What if I canʼt find a suitable time in the online scheduling for my Music audition?Please call the Music Office at 416-736-5186 and we will try to accommodate you by arranging a substitute audition time.
What if I want to audition on the same instrument for two different areas of the Music program such as Jazz and Classical?You may only audition in a single area but make your other abilities clear on your supplemental application. Music students can take courses from all the areas they are interested in, no matter what they auditioned for (though some courses require additional auditions).
What is a 1900 course and why is there no scheduled time?Six credits from the AMPD 1900 3.00 series of courses, outside the major, are required of all School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design degrees. These courses may be used toward satisfying the humanities general education requirement, the in/out requirements or an AMPD elective. For students admitted to the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design with a minimum of 54 transfer credits, the six credits from the 1900 3.00 series of courses outside the major are optional. Only courses with FA/_ _ _ _ 1900 in the course code fulfill this requirement. You can find them in the York University Courses website by searching School of the Arts, Music, Performance & Design, the Department and 1900 under 'Faculty, Subject and Number.' Some 1900 courses such as Dance have online lectures so when you add them to your schedule there won't be a scheduled time for class but there may still be a scheduled tutorial.
What should I play in my Music Audition?
What types of questions are on the Music audition theory evaluation?The questions are similar to grade two rudiments. Here is a link to download a sample theory test PDF for practice
When is the application deadline?
When will I find out the results of my Music audition?
Where do I check in on the day of my Music audition?A check-in table will be set up in the lobby of the Accolade East Building.
Where will the Music auditions take place?All auditions are virtual this year. You have two options for your audition:
    1. Virtual: A complete live zoom audition that will include both performance and interview.
    2. Online: Fully online application with submitted performance (for applicants in distant time zones or problems with Internet connectivity). If you choose this, you will be contacted to arrange a virtual interview, since we would still like to meet you!
Which courses can I take to fulfill my studies/studios 3rd/4th year requirements?Refer to online Undergraduate Programme Guide found at:
Will I be asked to perform anything for my Music audition other than my two contrasting pieces?
Will I need an accompanist for my Music audition?You have three options this year: 1. Audition with an accompanist, if this is possible. 2. Audition with a pre-recorded accompaniment (there are many commercially available accompanimnents available. There are many play-along options online (e.g., for jazz: youtube associated with; for classical: Music Minus One). 3. Audition without an accompanist.
Will there be a separate theory test?Your interview will include some general theory questions. You may then be asked to take an additional test.