Partnership Investment Opportunities in the Department Music

Recording Studio and Media Lab

Toward our commitment to provide every student with interdisciplinary learning experiences, AMPD Music is planning a program in composition for visual media, including film, digital media, video games and the performing arts.

To support our plans, AMPD will create a new Recording Studio and Media Lab with the support of donor contributions. Featuring isolation booths, specialized recording hardware, microphones and mixing consoles, and computers and software for recording and editing audio, the lab will be home to the new composition for visual media program, while also supporting students in other AMPD courses, such as the study of sound design offered by the Department of Cinema & Media Arts.

Student Studies Rooms

Research confirms that some of the best learning takes place outside the classroom in places where students gather to discuss, debate and create. Yet AMPD Music has limited spaces for undergraduate and graduate students to call home. Our more than 150 graduate students can access two small tutorial assistant offices and a renovated, third-floor storage space, while many of the 500 undergraduate students congregate in the hallways, the CIBC Lobby and the Martin Family Lounge.

A gift will renovate the keyboard lab as a new Graduate Studies Room with comfortable seating areas, worktables, computing resources and the department’s music collections. Donations will also help retrofit a recently closed computer lounge as an Undergraduate Studies Room for informal learning and gathering.

Scholars- and Artists-in-Residence

An endowment will provide a steady stream of annual funding to attract to AMPD Music guest musicians and scholars to lead workshops and seminars on their craft and the realities of the music industry today. The scholars- and artists-in-residence will represent each of the main areas of study in the department — from jazz and classical, to world music. As mentors to our students and potential collaborators with our faculty, the guests will provide a fresh injection of talent and creativity and serve as powerful recruitment appeal for future talent.

Martin Family Lounge

The Martin Family Lounge is a popular lunchroom, lecture hall and informal performance venue within AMPD Music. With private support, the department plans to enhance the lounge’s performance capacity to attract more formal musical performances and academic events.

Gifts to purchase acoustic panels and full-length, darkening curtains will help to improve the sound quality of the space and ensure the large windows behind the stage don’t distract from the performance. Dedicated seating is also required — at present, chairs are borrowed from a nearby classroom.

Entrance Scholarships

Many talented students are attracted to AMPD Music; an offer of financial support will ensure they accept our offer of admission. These entrance scholarships will be the most prestigious awards offered by AMPD Music on the basis of academic and performance ability. In recognition of the recipient’s hard work and promise, the awards will also help students overcome financial barriers to success and focus on their studies without the distraction of part-time work.

Contact Us

For more information about AMPD and how you can help define our creative future today, contact:

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Senior Development Officer
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