Specialized Honours BFA in Music

Honours Majors
Students must complete the requirements of the Honours BA degree or the Honours BFA degree. The following foundation courses are required of all music majors:

  • FA/MUSI 1000 6.00;
  • FA/MUSI 1200 9.00;
  • FA/MUSI 2200 6.00;
  • FA/MUSI 2201 3.00 and FA/MUSI 2202 3.00.

Specialized Honours BFA Program
Students must complete at least 57 credits in music, including:

  • the foundation courses listed above;
  • 30 credits at the 3000 or 4000 level, including 12 credits in studies courses and 12 credits in studio courses.

Please consult the Department of Music Courses of Instruction section for classification of studies and studio courses.