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Music Program

Explore the depth and breadth of music across centuries and continents. AMPD’s Music program offers a remarkably flexible curriculum, allowing students to pursue creative and scholarly work across a wide range of musical genres and traditions, tailored to their unique talents and aspirations.

MUSIC (BFA Honours)

York’s Music program is known for pioneering post-secondary studies in jazz, world, classical and digital music. Students may specialize or generalize according to their interests, developing expertise in a particular area of vocal or instrumental performance or composition, or working in a variety of musical practices and cultural forms. Options include solo, small and large ensemble performance; composition and arranging; education and community arts development; ethnomusicology; and the growing field of music media production for cinema, gaming and motion media.

Performance Opportunities – Presenting numerous concerts a year, as well as master classes with renowned Canadian and international artists, the Music program offers many opportunities to perform, collaborate, experience and engage.

Ensembles include:
• Symphony Orchestra
• Jazz Orchestra and Choirs
• West African Drums
• Concert and Chamber Choirs
• Celtic Canadian Folk Ensemble
• New Music Ensemble
• Caribbean Ensemble
• Gospel Choir
• Wind Symphony
• Escola de Samba
• Rhythm & Blues Ensemble
• Chamber Strings
• and many more.

MUSIC (BA Honours)

All first-year Music students enter the BFA program. After first year, students whose interests centre on music studies and scholarly research may choose to move into a BA program.

How to Apply

Admission Requirements

Academic Calendar – Degree Requirements

Sample Courses

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MUSI 1032 6.00 Contemporary Musicianship and Improvisation

Designed to integrate musicianship training with work in composition and improvisation. Development of the skills, strategies and sensibilities required to achieve fluency in spontaneous solo and ensemble music making, and the development and refining of one’s own musical voice are among the main course objectives. Admission is by audition in September. Permission of Instructor, by audition.

MUSI 1051 3.0-Jazz Workshop 1

Provides a systematic approach to improvising, and ensemble playing in the jazz idiom. The course is designed primarily for students with instrumental proficiency and basic experience in small group jazz performance and/or jazz theory. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor, by audition. Prerequisite or corequisite: FA/MUSI 1059 3.00.

MUSI 2099T 6.0-World Music Individual Instruction Tabla

Offers private study of North Indian tabla drums including digital technique, tala (rhythmic structure) theory, accompaniment styles, solo repertoire and improvisatory practice. Open to non-majors. Prerequisite: FA/MUSI 1099T 3.00 or permission of the Instructor.

3025 3.0-York University Wind Symphony

Performs a varied repertoire, including contemporary Canadian pieces, in several concerts annually. Offers performance training in the environment of a large ensemble. This course is open to all qualified York University students. Continuation of FA/MUSI 2025 3.00. Prerequisite: Permission of the Instructor, by audition.

4024 3.0-York University Concert Choir

Performs repertoire for mixed voices and gives several concerts annually. Offers performance training in the environment of a large choir. This course is open to all qualified York University students. Continuation of FA/MUSI 3024 3.00. Prerequisites: Permission of the Instructor, by audition.