Audition FAQs

1. How long are the auditions?
2. Where will the auditions take place?
3. What should I play?
4. What grade level should my selections be?
5. Will I be asked to perform anything other than my two contrasting pieces?
6. Is there a minimum piano proficiency requirement for all applicants?
7. How long does the theory evaluation take?
8. What types of questions are on the theory evaluation?
9. If I have taken a conservatory theory test do I still need to write the theory evaluation?
10. Will I need an accompanist for my audition?
11. May I use a recorded accompaniment?
12. If I audition for the jazz program what kind of accompaniment do I bring?
13. Where do I check in on the day of my audition?
14. Will there be a warm-up room available on the day of my audition?
15. How long before my audition should I check in?
16. What if I canʼt find a suitable time in the online audition scheduling?
17. What do I do if I want to audition on two different instruments?
18. What if I want to audition on the same instrument for two different areas such as Jazz and Classical?
19. When will I find out the results of my audition?