Below is a list of accompanists that we recommend for hire to accompany your lesson, jury, recital, etc. Please consult with your private teacher when choosing an accompanist for your jury and/or recital; a professional accompanist is essential.

Accompanists set their own hourly and performance fees, which often reflect their experience and expertise. It is best to negotiate this fee during your initial conversation.


York University Contract Faculty

Susan Black 416-458-9203
Raisa Nakhmanovich 416-502-8768
Karen Rymal 416-463-9284
Mélisande Sinsoulier 647-989-3591
Ernesto De Luca 416-567-4189

Additional Recommended Accompanists



Liz Acker 416-656-2551
Nadia Boucher 416-578-7068 Website
Kate Carver 416-946-6045
Erika Crino 416-433-2243
Ben Cruchley 416-571-3134
Christina Faye 416-705-9214 Website
Brahm Goldhamer 416-422-1489
Andrea Grant 416-537-9781
Brett Kingsbury 416-570-5269
Ellen Meyer 905-737-0748
Christopher Mokrzewski 647-968-3885
Anna Ronai 519-781-7710
Tyler Seidenberg 905-827-8447
Julia Sunay 647-881-4274 Website
Kathryn Tremills 416-929-3589
Alexandra Weiss 416-879-2416 Website
Carolyn Jonesemail 416-444-1262 Website
Mardoyan,Narine 647-222-9777
Danny McErlain 416-617-3648
Hannah Mok 647-462-1109



Paul Crocker 647-339-9161
Thomas Francis 647-262-4523
Mark Herrera 416-826-0483


Miles Finlayson 647-409-0315


Chris Adriaanse 647-992-8479
Aaron Carter 416-880-7505
Paul Crocker 647-339-9161
Miles Finlayson 647-409-0315
Thomas Francis 647-262-4523
Mark Herrera 416-826-0483
Yash Presswalla 416-617-7454
Gram Whitty 416-995-6922
Ben Young 416-317-2374

Additional Accompanists

Global directory of professional piano accompanists. If you use this resource, be certain to consult with your teacher before making any personal contacts.